About Us

Body Pulse Plus is described by many as #MiracleInAPouch. BPP comes
with a mix of ingredients that is rich in protein, high in fibre, a rich blend of
fruits, juices, nuts, teas, natural extracts and flavor; with no sugar added
and including a healthy supply of natural vitamins and minerals.


Why BPP?

We encountered a female who suffered severe PMS for about 18 years. In an attempt to help her we formulated a blend with the sole intention of relieving some of her severe pain. We had no intention of commercializing this beverage. To our surprise, all of her symptoms subsided within 30 minutes and lasted for a couple of days. This was monitored over a one year period with similar repeated results.

Subsequent to this finding, we decided to take the blend into the lab for
further testing, formulation refining and branding. The final result is what we
bring you today.


Body Pulse Plus (BPP)

Over several years BPP was then given to volunteers with severe PMS,menopause, individuals with severe pain, flu, migraine, seasonal allergies and other ailments. The testimonials were amazing and even sometimes hard to believe. EastHill then decided to package Body Pulse Plus so you can experience it as well.

We are proud of our fully equipped laboratory, coupled with our in-house
capabilities, our expertise in the industry and “Cutting Edge” product
innovation which allows EastHill to offer to our clients a variety of services in
bringing “Cutting Edge” new beverages to the market. With over 25 years
in the food industry, our scientists and development managers have been
formally trained in food science and hold a wealth of industry experience.

 BODY PULSE PLUS is produced in an FDA inspected & registered Food/Beverage Facility and is also registered by the Department of Health.


Please Note:
EastHill Enterprise, LLC makes no health or medical claims. We only report users’ testimonials.