Body Pulse Plus BPP Ingredients

Body Pulse Plus is described by many as #MiracleInAPouch. BPP comes
with a mix of ingredients that is rich in protein, high in fibre, a rich blend of
fruits, juices, nuts, teas, natural extracts and flavor; with no sugar added
and including a healthy supply of natural vitamins and minerals.


It contains following ingredients:


Green Tea:
One pouch of bpp pouch contains the equivalence of 6 cups of
Green Tea Flavonoids.

Green Tea is know to have antiviral components to prevent influenza.
This is from a publication in the Oxford University Press Journal of
Nutrition, dated Aug 10th 2011

Grape Seed Extract:
BPP contains a good amount of Grape seed extract.
Grape seed extract supports and boost your
immune system.

This is from the oxford university press journal of nutrition
dated Sep. 2009