Body Pulse Plus

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Body Pulse Plus is described by many as #MiracleInAPouch.

BPP comes with a mix of ingredients that is rich in protein, high in fibre, a rich blend of fruits, juices, nuts, teas, natural extracts and flavor; with no sugar added and including a healthy supply of natural vitamins and minerals.  


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  • Pain reviler
  • PMS relief
  • Menopausal symptoms relief
  • Flu Symptoms relief
  • Migraine
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Energy Booster


  • 10 fruit Blends and 6 tea blends with aloe vera
  • Antioxidants equivalent 7 servings of fruits
  • Blueberry juice equivalent of 100 blueberries 


Instruction How to get the most out of body pulse plus : 


    BODY PULSE PLUS is produced in an FDA Inspected & Registered Food/Beverage Facility and is also registered by the Department of Health.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Energized all day

    I just ordered this drink and I love it, the flavour is good and it keeps me going all day with the energy it gives me.

    My Energy Booster

    I was looking for a supplement as a pre-workout and didn't want to take the typical bro gym supplement. This stuff is awesome. Highly recommend!

    Loved It!

    This product is fabulous. I had left the product in my cart for a while, unsure about the quality. I did not want to order it and then not like the taste of it. I finally jumped in and placed the order...the mixture seemed sketchy when I opened it, and much to my surprise, it is wonderful! I love the flavor, it is creamy smooth, and best yet, I feel like I have found a product that is actually good for me.

    A real treat, I am heading out on the road camping for a few weeks, and this will make my mornings so easy and perfect.
    Thank you for creating such a great product!


    I'm a Bulletproof BPP drinker, and I've been on the hunt for a product I can use as a substitute while traveling or in a hurry, etc. I tried another product but I was disappointed. It tasted pretty bad. Anyway, I was pretty hopeful this would be different. I went on an overnight work trip yesterday and tossed the BPP pouch in my bag. This morning at the hotel I put a couple of scoops in some hot water, it stirred easily with a spoon, and damn if it didn't taste pretty good. Not fresh-made Bulletproof, but good nonetheless. I ended up having 3 cups if that means anything. Great product!

    Pain relief

    I have used there products and I have got top notch service out of it. Body plus is an excellent product.
    I will surely recommend it.